American Residential Management’s objective is to maximize the value of the real estate asset. Tailored to each client's exact specifications and requirements, all strategic planning and day-to-day operations are focused on providing quality service, controlling cost and asset enhancement. American Residential Management is committed to the following operating philosophy to meet the needs of the various areas in our management program:

Resident Satisfaction

The greatest asset American Residential has to offer is the delivery of outstanding service to its residents through professional management staff and on-site personnel. Resident Satisfaction is the most important part of property management as it defines the public perception of quality living in American Residential managed communities. American Residential continually trains the on-site personnel in the art of customer satisfaction through unique sales meetings and promotions.

Service to Property Owner

Understanding the objectives of the Owner is an essential part of American Residential’s commitment to management excellence. Our Business Managers are trained to be pro-active in their management style, and keep the asset manager informed of changes in the marketplace and operating trends at the property. It is American Residential’s goal to anticipate critical questions with pro-active answers. American Residential believes that clear, forward thinking communication is the foundation of providing quality service to Owners.

Reporting to Owners

In addition to open regular communication with the owner's representatives, timely, accurate reporting is also essential in providing quality service. By understanding the reporting requirements of the Owners, American Residential adapts its information systems accordingly. These information systems are designed to help the Business Manager maximize rental income and control expenses efficiently.

In summary, American Residential Management’s operating philosophy is to employ and train high quality management professionals who are clearly focused on the Owner's objective, and who are committed to service excellence.

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